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arrow-circle-sml Medical Oncology
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arrow-circle-sml Skin Imaging
arrow-circle-sml Dermoscopy
arrow-circle-sml Clinical Diagnosis
arrow-circle-sml Public Health
arrow-circle-sml Epidemiology
arrow-circle-sml Pathology
arrow-circle-sml Immunotherapy
arrow-circle-sml Targeted Therapy
arrow-circle-sml Genomic Research
arrow-circle-sml International Guidelines Development
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arrow-circle-sml Basal Cell Carcinoma
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arrow-circle-sml Epigenetics and Metabolism
arrow-circle-sml Genetics and Genomics
arrow-circle-sml Immunotherapy: New Targets and Mechanisms of Resistance
arrow-circle-sml Late Breaking Basic Science and Clinical Updates
arrow-circle-sml Melanoma and Melanocyte Biology
arrow-circle-sml Targeted Therapies: New Targets and Mechanisms of Resistance
arrow-circle-sml Tumour Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Drug Resistance
arrow-circle-sml Tumour Microenvironment and Drug Resistance

Plenary 1 – Melanoma epidemiology and early diagnosis
“Neville Davis and Gerald Milton Lecture”
Keynote Address:
Adèle Green, Australia – The changing epidemiology of
cutaneous melanoma: 1967-2017
Harald Kittler, Austria – Delays have dangerous ends! Who benefits from early detection?
Iris Zalaudek, Austria – No one should die from melanoma; Vision or Impossible Mission?
Allan Halpern, USA – The changing landscape of melanoma detection

Plenary 2 – Society for Melanoma Research
Keynote Address: Levi Garraway, USA
Additional speakers to be confirmed

Plenary 3 – Staging, surgery and targeted therapies for melanoma
Keynote Address: Axel Hauschild, Germany – Targeted therapies and combination approaches in metastatic melanoma
Jeffrey Gershenwald, USA – The new AJCC melanoma classification
Alexander van Akkooi, Netherlands – Controversies on lymph node management
John Thompson, Australia – Surgery for stage 4 melanoma patients: Is it still worthwhile?

Plenary 4 Immuno-oncology in melanoma
Keynote Address: Antoni Ribas, USA – Rationale for immunotherapy in melanoma
Caroline Robert, France – Latest results of immunotherapy in melanoma
Jacob Schachter, Israel – Adaptive T-cell transfer in the era of checkpoint inhibition
Reinhard Dummer, Switzerland – Checkpoint inhibition beyond PD-1 and CTLA-4 inhibition

Plenary 5 – Future Perspectives and Congress Highlights
Keynote Address: Boris Bastian, USA – Unsolved questions in melanoma genesis
Grant McArthur, Australia – Genetic testing for skin cancer in 2017 and beyond
H Peter Soyer, Australia – Future perspectives of early detection of skin cancers
Georgina Long, Australia  – Highlights in melanoma from 2017

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Programme Changes

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